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Stephanie Nash has mastered the art of Mindfulness Coaching. She has a deep understanding and vast experience in this field. In addition to that, Stephanie has worked very closely with me in developing a distinctive form of mindfulness practice that is gaining Increasing usage in clinical and educational settings. Since 1998, Stephanie has not only assisted and collaborated with me, but has developed techniques of her own that work effectively with a variety of sensory experience and issues. I now use a way she created of working with my “Restful States” as the introductory meditation at all of my retreats. … Stephanie’s students and clients continue to express appreciation of her clarity, humor and skill.

SHINZEN YOUNG, Creator of the Unified Mindfulness System (studied by Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, and University of Vermont)


What Clients Say About Working with Steph:

Stephanie Nash is remarkable. I have had the honor of being her client for almost 2 years. Her guidance and teaching have deepened everything for me and have led me to experience and live from a space of freedom that I never imagined. Grateful beyond words.


I found Stephanie’s presentation to be very clear and comfortable to follow. I found her exercise about using some word to physically locate “talk space” helpful in assisting to remind myself that this is in fact both a small part of total experience as well as a small part of who I am. As you know, it can be easy to lose sight of this, especially for cognitively oriented folks like myself.

At the end of her workshop, Stephanie spent a few minutes talking about how the system she had presented could be helpful in deconstructing an overwhelming site/sound/feeling attack, as a way in real time of minimizing suffering. How interesting, provocative, and something that is starting to become clear. I suspect that could, indeed, be a game changer.


Stephanie answers questions intelligently and with clarity, and I always leave feeling quite inspired.


Stephanie Nash is an extraordinary teacher. It seems as if she sees inside of my head and knows what I need at a given moment and how to help me learn. She listens, asks questions, then shares relevant theory and strategies. She helps me see progress and opportunity. I am grateful for her kind, encouraging, and generous spirit.


This program was most worthwhile! After fumbling around with meditation for years, the possibility of it actually being an enjoyable practice is now real for me! Stephanie Nash, the teacher, is masterful in meditation and has a natural ability to impart her gift to students, at any level.


Even as a meditation teacher I will forever be a student. Stephanie has quickly become a trusted guide, and in just a few sessions she has helped me access deeper levels of peace and stillness. Stephanie is helping me to deepen my own practice and provide me with additional skills that I can take back to my own students and share. I am grateful for being introduced to Stephanie and her work.

– ALI KATZ, Texas

Let me begin from a place of gratitude. Gratitude for the time, space and energy that Stephanie gave of herself to spend the day with all of us in being our teacher, guide and friend throughout this amazing work retreat.

Throughout the day-long we were exposed to several approaches to mindful self-awareness — tuning into our breath, to our thoughts, to the physical environment around us. Stephanie spoke to us in such vivid and powerful language, helping us to understand how through mindful meditation, we can in a very real way, empower ourselves to begin working with the “wet clay of our minds” right at the moment negative thoughts are taking place, and then countering and reframing them with gentle, loving, compassionate self-awareness.


Stephanie is the ultimate in a loving and flexible leader.”


About Steph’s “Posture for Meditation”

Posture for Meditation will soon be released as a book entitled, “Posture for Meditation and Life”

We have used Stephanie Nash’s wonderful guide on meditation postures and tools for several years at UnbeatableMind.com and found it to be very useful and extremely comprehensive. It is a valuable addition to anyone’s library of support for a lifelong meditative practice. I recommend it highly!

– CDR Mark Divine, founder UnbeatableMind.com and NYT Best Selling author

I’ve been recommending the Posture-Pedia book from Stephanie Nash to all my students at InsightLA. They have found it helpful to really understand all the postures necessary for doing sitting meditation in a correct and comfortable way.

– ALLEN WEISS, teacher at InsightLA, Co-Chair of Mindful USC

Stephanie’s POSTURE FOR MEDITATION guide is a great resource that I highly recommend. She goes much further than most books and classes by comprehensively covering a wide array of meditation postures with key tips and tricks for each as well as the overriding general principles of good posture. One student commented how grateful she was to have the terms Zafu, Zabuton and Seiza finally defined after years of being too shy to ask what everyone was talking about.

– GULU SINGH, J.D., Mindfuless-based stress reduction instructor

I very much like the way she has laid it out – and the quality of ease and humor she has.

– LYN CHARLSEN, F.M. Alexander Technique teacher, Co-Director The Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles

We constantly refer meditators, both beginning and long-term, to Stephanie Nash’s posture information. It is the best explanation of the various forms of meditation posture there is. We have students with chronic injuries that make posture a special concern, and they’ve found Stephanie’s guide extremely helpful.

– CULADASA, Dharma Treasure

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