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How I Can Help:

Speaking / Presentations

Stephanie is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, who likes to engage the audience so that they leave feeling good while newly informed with practical tips, tools, techniques, and concepts that they can apply instantly and easily to their lives. Stephanie can delve solely into mindfulness – explaining what it is, how it works, some benefits, and give everyone a taste of it – or she can also include body language, body care, and, of course, her popular work with laughter (which always gets those feel-good endorphins going.)

Topics include:

  • Stress Management & Well-Being

  • Using Mindfulness Skills to Cope with Day-to-Day Challenges

  • How Mindfulness Can Help You Enjoy Your Life More

  • Reducing Stress through Laughter

  • Changing Our Relationship to Food & Eating

  • How Body Language Affects How We Think & Feel

  • Integrating Mindfulness into Healthcare & Education

  • Curing Self-Judgment with Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness for Performance, Creativity & Productivity


Stephanie can work with you to present an engaging interactive experience that can address the issues or concerns you’d like to address in your organization, and always promoting focus, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Program Development

Stephanie can work with you to develop a mindfulness program specifically for your needs and goals. Programs can be a any mixture of live presentations, live webinars, recorded video and/or audio, private sessions, and some written support material. They can be 1/2 day or daylong retreats or a specially designed weekly program.

All programs include easily accessible guided meditations that can be played on any device for individual support, in addition access to a skilled teacher for questions and more specific strategies.

Goals can include:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Increase Productivity

  • Increase Workplace Happiness

  • Promote More Creativity

  • Create Community


If you are unsure of how mindfulness can help whatever issues you have, feel free to set up a consultation with Stephanie and she will be able to help you understand the possible benefits and practical implementation of various program options.

Private Coaching

It is in private sessions with Stephanie, that she has the opportunity to hone into to your specific personal needs & goals. Her goal is to design meditations that fit your needs, interests, proclivities, schedule and goals. She often calls what she does in this regard, “Designer Meditation.”

This is where her work as an Integrative Counselor also comes into play. Her goal is not only to design great, doable meditations for you that help you develop the mindfulness skills of ease, focus and clarity, but that you also learn how to apply mindfulness skills in a practical way to your day to day life – so that you develop a “mindfulness tool-kit” that you can use in any situation. Challenges become easier, experiences become more interesting, increasing your success and satisfaction in each day.

This is also where Steph can come in and specifically help executives, doctors, attorneys, managers, performers, psychologists, and artists or athletes (among others) bring mindfulness skills into their professional life as well as their personal life – to increase their performance, productivity, creativity, and even leadership and communication skills.


Stephanie can help you implement mindfulness into your business, organization, group, or work. As opposed to private sessions, where she can help you personally, when consulting, Stephanie can help you find the best strategic applications for bringing mindfulness Into the workplace or any situation in which many people are working, creating or Interacting.


Stephanie’s special stress reduction techniques have been utilized by corporations, organizations, and schools. She is also an expert in presentation and communication skills.

Now it’s time to make your move