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How Is Steph Uniquely Qualified to Help You?


Stephanie’s Story:

Stephanie Nash is a Mindfulness Coach and Integrative Counselor who has been teaching mindfulness since 1999 – especially the Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young (with whom she has worked closely and) whose techniques and strategies have become an integral part of her personal experience as well as her teaching.

In 2012, Stephanie was among a small group of experienced meditators selected to have their brains studied for a Harvard Medical School study using Shinzen’s techniques, and then, at Shinzen’s request, Stephanie designed and implemented a training for the participants for the second part of the study which was conducted in 2015. Stephanie also recorded the meditation program for a recent Carnegie Mellon stress reduction study that implemented Shinzen’s mindfulness system. Stephanie wrote the study guide for Shinzen’s Talks on Teaching recorded series (which she also edited) that was a training program for facilitators, and Steph was the first facilitator that Shinzen asked to replace him for a couple of his Home-Based (phone) Practice Programs over 10 years ago. (Those Home Practice Programs have continued to be offered monthly by Shinzen, and sometimes other facilitators, since then.

Today, in addition to presenting mindfulness to corporate, educational, psychology, and religious conferences through her Strategic Mindfulness company, Stephanie speaks and gives interactive presentations on the themes of stress reduction, creating ease & well-being, and living a mindfully embodied life.

At UCLArts & Healing, Stephanie teaches a popular workshop called, Shifting Positions to Shift Perceptions: How Body Language Affects How You Think and Feel – calling upon her years of training in various movement & healing modalities, as well as her MFA training as an actress at the Yale School of Drama. Steph also taught Expressive Movement at USC, and is presently finishing her book, Posture for Meditation and Life, based on her article, Posture-pedia, which she wrote in 2005 and is now widely used by meditation centers and teachers all over the country. (She was even asked by Navy Seals if they could use it.)

In addition, Stephanie has developed a unique kind of laughing meditation which she has presented at many of Shinzen’s retreats, in addition to her own workshops, and also when asked to be a guest expert on a Deepak Chopra show. Steph often incorporates mindful laughter into her Stress Reduction presentations and programs. There are several YouTube videos of workshops where she has presented it, and laughter has also been incorporated into one of the meditations she offers on the Brightmind app.

At UCLA’s Social-Emotional Arts program, Stephanie teaches mindful presentation and mindful communication skills to instructors and administrators, and privately she works with performers, athletes, executives – and anyone who needs to perform effectively in front of others – to work mindfully with emotions, thoughts and physical experience when under duress for maximum performance and efficacy.

Stephanie has also worked extensively with Mindful Eating (sometimes called Conscious Eating) workshops, in person and via phone or skype (with participants in their own kitchens), where the process of preparing, eating, and being around food is approached with a mindful awareness and appreciation – leading to richer fulfillment and less driven & unconscious behavior. Steph has also presented this work to health organizations, dining clubs, social groups, and on various radio & web programs. She is currently in the planning stages of a potential mindful eating & cooking television program.

Stephanie offers private sessions at her studio in Santa Monica, CA or via Skype/phone. And, in addition to coaching artists, executives and professionals in how to use mindfulness to enhance their creativity and productivity, Steph also helps individuals use mindfulness to deal with challenges like physical pain, emotional trauma, and overwhelming stress – in addition to helping experienced meditators enhance and deepen their practice.

Stephanie began interviewing Shinzen for radio in 2001 – and later did video interviews for the Shinzen Videos Youtube channel she created to spread his work. Interviews with other established teachers like Upasaka Culadasa, Leigh Brasington, Ken McLeod, and others are also on that site as well as on Steph’s own Youtube Channel, which also includes her own teachings.

Through her non-profit, Mindfulness Arts, Stephanie is able to offer special programs for the community, in addition to her 2 YouTube Channels, and MP3 recordings of guided meditations can be downloaded from her site, MindfulnessArts.org/blog – which, yes, also has blog posts on there about mindfulness in life. Stephanie also has several popular meditations available on the Insight Timer app.

Stephanie has a BA (in psychology) from Duke University, in addition to her MFA from Yale.