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Mindfulness is not just closing your eyes and meditating…

It’s about shifting how you perceive and respond to your thoughts, feelings and the world around you. Mindfulness is a way of tuning in to your moment by moment experience of what you see, hear, think and feel – a way of shifting your perception – so that you can take in more data and have less tension about it.

You gain an ability to process emotions in a healthy way – making you less emotionally reactive to circumstance. You gain the ability to concentrate on cue leading to the most effective use of your time. And you make better decisions from a larger view/perspective – plus you gain the ability to relax in any situation leading to more ease, well-being, productivity, and fulfillment.

Who is this for?

  • ATHLETES – You’ve got the skill, but the game is lost between shots. Increase your concentration and ability to perform under pressure.

  • EXECUTIVES – Increase confidence and ability to think clearly and make better decisions in stressful situations.

  • PSYCHOLOGISTS, THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS – Be better able to process your own emotions while helping others. Learn to teach clients valuable mindfulness skills that tune them more clearly into their emotions & thoughts.Your Content Goes Here

  • ARTISTS, WRITERS – Learn how to stimulate creativity and experience more satisfaction & fulfillment from the creative process.

  • PERFORMERS (ACTORS, MUSICIANS, DANCERS, SPEAKERS) – Dissolve Performance Anxiety, learn to focus on what’s relevant and let other judgmental/critical “voices” go. Learn to integrate the energy of a live audience to enhance your performance.

  • DOCTORS & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS – Increase ability to stay relaxed & present – while also maintaining (and sharpening) ability to communicate clearly and with compassion & confidence.

  • HOSPICE WORKERS, CARE-TAKERS – Reduce exhaustion and depression. Renew commitment and compassion.

  • BUSINESS & TECH INDUSTRY – Learn to be able to function more efficiently and effectively – to better process information & make decisions – while reducing stress in your daily work situations

  • LEADERS – Learn to have confidence and clarity, while also increasing your ability to assess and communicate.

Mindfulness Helps with Challenges like:

  • PROBLEM SOLVING – Learn tools for increasing creativity and reducing stress when needing to come up with solutions.

  • STRESS REDUCTION – Learn how to stay relaxed and open no matter what the situation. Become skilled at processing thoughts and feelings in a way that (is much easier than what you’re probably doing now, and) doesn’t keep you from focusing on what’s important clearly and effectively. (Physically lowers blood pressure and cortisol, the stress hormone.)

  • PHYSICAL or EMOTIONAL PAIN – Learn techniques & strategies for working with physical and/or emotional pain to reduce suffering and overwhelm, leaving more space for clarity and compassion.

  • PERFORMANCE ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS – Learn to transmute the energy of fear into a productive passion while staying grounded and present.

  • SCATTERED MIND – We now live in an over-stimulated world, and that can lead to a mind that is flailing all over the place, causing us to feel overwhelmed or confused One of the first skills we learn is to focus the mind, leading to more clarity and understanding.

  • UNHEALTHY EATING HABITS – Sometimes we develop unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress, judgment, and/or our emotions, and compulsive behavior around food is one such coping mechanism that can detract energy from one reaching their full potential. Stephanie happens to specialize in working with eating and food issues, and has found that working productively with the “urge” to eat in an unhealthy way also leads to a greater freedom in thought & action. With mindfulness and compassion, we “deconstruct” the unhealthy behavior, and we build new habits, ways of processing emotions, and focusing one’s energy. The goal is a balanced, healthy, clear body and mind – with more energy and focus to apply towards rewarding activities.

Mindfulness also Promotes or Increases:

  • FOCUS or CONCENTRATION POWER – The ability to put your attention where you want it, when you want, and for as long as you want – without distraction – is what we call concentration power. Everything you do in your life requires it – driving, talking, working, performing – and the better your concentration, the better your performance.

  • EFFICIENCY, PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE – When you take that stellar focus and apply it to the things you want to do, you find that you can accomplish more – in less time – and with less effort. There is less “waste” of time, and the focus also means that you are able to see things from more points of view and with greater depth – leading to wiser decisions and actions.

  • SATISFACTION & FULFILLMENT – You develop sensory clarity, so that what you See, Hear, and Feel becomes so much richer, as if you’re now viewing in HD. And personal interactions and relationships become deeper and more meaningful. Too often when we accomplish things or have a pleasant experience , we’re on to the next event or “to do.” But being able to savor your experience – as well as appreciate positive aspects of a challenge – can make the ride more fun, creative and fulfilling.

  • EMOTIONAL REGULATION & WELL-BEING – Become less emotionally reactive and more easily open to pleasant emotions like loving kindness, gratitude, compassion and even humor – the qualities associated with longevity and lifetime happiness.

  • RELAXATION & EASE – Gain the ability to “relax on cue.” By learning to release tension and allow the body to totally relax, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system (anti-cortisol) – leading to more physical wellness – as well as an agility and flexibility that helps you more naturally be “In the Zone.”

Stephanie Nash is an expert teacher in the Unified Mindfulness System which has been researched by Harvard University Medical School with breakthrough results. It is unique in its effectiveness and adaptability – making it ideal for strategic applications.

Let’s get started!